The Apulian cuisine is mainly characterized by the importance given to the raw material, both of land and sea, and for the fact that all the ingredients are precisely aimed at enhancing and not altering the basic flavors of the products used. Therefore you will find all the seasonal vegetables, from the turnip top to the green cabbage, to the cardoon, to the peppers, to the aubergines, to the artichokes, to all the legumes, from beans to lentils to chickling peas and broad beans, and all the products of the sea, in particular of the Adriatic; these last ones have a particular characteristic that distinguishes them, as a consequence of the particular pasture that is found along its coasts, and from the pools of fresh water that are discharged into the sea, and that serve to cushion the brackish water, but not to alter its scent. Moreover, even if there are common dishes, the recipes vary from province to province, and sometimes, from city to city, so for example the typical recipes of the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Bari, lying on the sea, are not the same as those practiced in the province of Foggia, more hilly, and Lecce, more earthy. There are many recipes that this kitchen presents, which has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from the others, of offering different dishes in relation to the different seasons, so that during the milder seasons, ie in spring and summer, preference is given to vegetables and fish, while in the others legumes.

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Immobiliare Calzolaio

Immobiliare Calzolaio 22, Alfieri street 74023 Grottaglie (Ta) Tel: +39 3425301261/ +39

Location: GrottaglieWebsite: +39 099 222.50.21

Dama Immobiliare

+39 080 432 44 49 Elisa: + 39 328 92 22 388 Luciano:+39 328 95 40

Location: AlberobelloWebsite: +39 080 432 44 49

D'Addario case

D'Addario Case s.r.l.s.  Via Campania 54 74121 - Taranto - (TA) Phone: +39 0997325210 -

Location: TarantoWebsite: +39 0997325210

Guido Immobiliare

Guido Immobiliare Via S.Eligio 1/E - F 70015 Martina Franca

Location: Martina FrancaWebsite: www.guidoimmobiliare.itPhone: +39 338.7275522

Massaro Immobiliare

MASSARO IMMOBILIARE DI ANGELO MASSARO Via Catalani, 26 72019 San Vito Dei Normanni (Brindisi) -

Location: San Vito dei NormanniWebsite: https://www.massaroimmobiliare.itPhone: +39 349 056 2283

Sefim franchising

The Sefim was born at the end of the 1980s with the clear intention of importing an innovative

Location: Martina FrancaWebsite: https://www.sefimfranchising.itPhone: +39 0804833267

Immobiliare Tarantina

The Immobiliare Tarantina s.r.l., is a consolidated reality in the territory of Taranto and its

Location: TarantoWebsite: +39 099 452 9088

My Projectcasa

Expert real estate operators offer professional services to facilitate the conclusion of sales and

Location: Martina FrancaWebsite: https://myprojectcasa.itPhone: +39 0804859887

Progetto immobiliare

Progetto Immobiliare Via Annunziata, 135 72019 San Vito dei

Location: San Vito dei NormanniWebsite: https://www.progetto-immobiliare.itPhone: +39 0831 98 15 45

Vitale Immobiliare


Location: LecceWebsite: +39 0832 217464

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